What Freedom Means to Me

Happy 4th Lovelies!

Someone recently asked me what FREEDOM means to me and what it looks like in my life. I loved this question and thought there is no better day than our own Birthday as a Nation to share my answer in my first ever post! I’d love to hear your answer below!

Simply put, to me Freedom is the ability to LOVE whom I want, live & TRAVEL wherever I want,  explore every whim, desire & passion that I have, and of course to EAT whatever I want lol!

To go a bit deeper it also means freedom from self-doubt, self limits, and asking “What If” instead of “Why not?” Too often we censor ourselves from our truest passions and desires. Either dismissing them as impossible, daydreams, unrealistic or irresponsible. But what if instead we asked ourselves what we want to think about in our last days? The time we sold all of our belongings and move to Greece for a year or a decade of working a job to pay bills to live a life that we didn’t love? It might sound drastic or dramatic but when you realize that THIS IS IT, there is no Act 2, no sequel, no follow up, THIS IS THE LIFE we are living, it is precious, magical, impossibly messy, complicated MIRACLE, you can then find true freedom. Freedom from caring what others think, freedom from your own limitations and just GO FOR IT!

For me this shows up in travel. I truly believe the wanderlust gene is genetic, deep seeded somewhere in my DNA (and if you ever met my father you would immediately agree).  I yearned to be able to travel more extensively to far away countries but knew that the limits of my budget prevented me from taking some DREAM TRIPS around the world. I also felt the itch to be able to one day relocate to some place fabulous, to live life in every nook and cranny of the world that appealed to me. Yet with a 30 year mortgage on my once “dream house” it felt further and further away.

Last October my wonderful husband and I made the hard decision to go against societal expectations and sold our beach house with most of our possessions, moving into a tiny apartment so that we could start our plan to regroup , invest and conquer those dreams. I quickly realized I’d rather travel the world and drive a car with 200K miles, live in a small apartment , wear the same clothes, than carry a designer bag, drive a shiny car and live in a 3000 sq foot home. The more we purged, the more we let go of , the more free we became.

I’m slowly removing the self limiting thoughts, the stories we tell ourselves of why it can’t work, and with that I’ve shed something i’ve carried with me since my pre-teen years, concern for what others think. This may not look like the life that YOU think I should lead, but I’m having an absolute BLAST!  That my lovelies, is what Freedom looks like to me.


Tell me below, what does Freedom look and feel like to you? What are you most excited about in your life right now?


  1. Randi Cinelli

    Beautiful insight. Freedom means many things to me as well. The first freedom is to believe that I have a rights to be who I want to be. That my opinions matter and they may be very different from others but they are valid. One of my favorite freedoms came from deep within myself. I completely reinvented my happiness gene and felt blessed for every day. My world , my friends, my career bring me such happiness and I don’t need to do anything but be thankful.

    1. susannahdellinger (Post author)

      Love this (and you) so much!! Great definition! You honestly seem the happiest in your life since I’ve known you and those two beautiful children seem to be having a blast exploring this big beautiful world! Mamma raised them right !! 😘

  2. Lauren MacGillis

    Loved your first piece! July 4th was a perfect day to start. I’m in a regrouping phase as well. I’m more interested in experiences than material items. After my divorce I bought a small house that I could pay for and not stress. I’m working my network marketing job going against the socially acceptable 9-5 job. Most people think I’m crazy, roll their eyes, but I’m able to be home for my 3 kids and live quite comfortably. Not the norm but it works for me and my family. I think when you stop caring what others think, you’ve got your freedom.

    1. susannahdellinger (Post author)

      Thanks Lauren!! Keep following your gut and passion, my motto if it works for
      You then who is anyone else to judge? 😘😘

  3. Ash

    Everytime I travel somewhere new I realise very quickly how lucky I am to be in the spot I am. Agreed!

  4. Kavey Favelle

    Yes yes yes! I totally agree that freedom means being able to love whom I want, live & travel wherever I want and eat what I want! And like you, sometimes that means going against societal norms, either in a small way or a big way. For me, I met my husband at university and we married as soon as I graduated (pretty unusual as most of our friends married in their twenties or thirties if at all). We are different races, thankfully in today’s London that’s not an issue, though we appreciate it still is in some places around the world. We decided not to have kids, even though we love them. People don’t get that, they like others to fit into boxes and their mental category for those who choose not to have kids is emotionally deficient in some way! We aren’t perpetual travellers, out of our choice, but we travel more than many of our friends, especially those with full time jobs and young families. We prioritise travel, so instead of the new bathroom we’ve promised we’ll get (for the last 23 years!!!) we continue to live with the 1960s hideousness and spend that money on holidays instead! It’s all about choice. I can’t pretend I don’t suffer from self-doubt but when it comes to all these big life choices, no not at all!

    1. susannahdellinger (Post author)

      Thank you for such a lovely comment! We are actually very similar. I also married my husband when I was 22 (many thought way too young) and 14 years later we don’t have children either. I live in the south so at first when I wasn’t even trying people still assumed I was and gave me all sorts of unsolicited advice lol. Now after having tried and realized how awful it was on my body and emotional well being I’ve decided that we are going to lead an extraordinary life no matter what! You’re correct that society does react that there is something off or missing when. It having children and that can be tough to deal with for sure!

      Where has been your favorite trip so far?

  5. Eniko Krix

    What a great post for the 4th of July! I loved your definition! Keep on exploring, happy travels! 🙂

  6. Céline

    I love this post SO much! It is so true : ) I think freedom means following your passions and having the ability to do so. We are so lucky to have most of the resources to travel or at least to be able to acquire them relatively quickly, but societal pressure can be horrible on a free spirit. But once you let go of the expectations of others I feel like this is true freedom : ) Good luck on your journey to happiness with your husband!
    Céline blogging on http://www.smultronstaellen.com

  7. Mariella Molestina

    So inspiring!!! This is key to enjoy ourselves and what we want to get out of life! For you and I that is traveling and enjoying all the amazing places, cultures, food, languages, experiences this world offers! NOW LETS GO AND LIVE!!

  8. Jill at Reading the Book

    Freedom in life definitely comes first and foremost when you realise that you don’t have to be like everyone else. Particularly for us travellers, it costs money and we can’t have everything, but it’s totally worth the sacrifice. Glad you’re coming around to that way of thinking too – I’ve never been happier since I stopped worrying about what I “should” be doing and realised what makes me happy!

  9. Elle Pollicott

    I loved this article, it’s so different to anything I’ve ever read. I think it would be much more fun to travel and see the world, than have loads of material possessions but not be able to go away!

  10. Megan

    Wonderful! I’m at a bit of a different place in life, with two teen daughters, and deep in the schedules and commitments that come with that. But my husband and I have been having similar conversations about a life overhaul once the girls are out of the house. Selling the big house, downsizing significantly, and spending our time, money, and energy on more travel instead. <3 Best of luck to you, and I look forward to seeing where your adventure takes you!

  11. Val

    This was so inspiring and exactly what I want to do! Great share !


  12. Emily

    I love your definition of freedom! I’ve lived abroad a couple of times and have gotten a hard time for it, so I understand what you mean about limiting ourselves and being concerned about what other people think. I definitely need to work on that so that I will feel more free!

  13. Lucy

    I love this! It is very hard to not do the norm with everyone else around you worried about it! Freedom to me is doing what you want without worrying what other people think. You only get one life, so live it how you want to, not how other people want it for you. Great read and enjoy your new life!

    Happy Travels!


  14. Hayley Russell

    Great post! I was so happy to celebrate 4th of July in the us this year 🙂

  15. Monique

    “Simply put, to me Freedom is the ability to LOVE whom I want, live & TRAVEL wherever I want, explore every whim, desire & passion that I have, and of course to EAT whatever I want lol!” THIS IS NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. Love love love this!


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