Welcome to all my fellow Travel Baybs!

Whether you are an experienced traveler looking for inspiration for your next trip, or someone who has daydreamed about finally making the time to take that trip, this site is made with you in mind!

Who’s the face behind Travel Bayb? That’s me: Susannah Dellinger aka zandellinger (instagram). After traveling 48 weeks out of the year for over a decade I finally got it together to start sharing what I’ve learned from life “in the air”. From tips on how to find the best airfare deals, how to maximze a short time away (my specialty as I squeeze as much fun as I can into my work trips), and most of all how to feel comfortable traveling the world SOLO.

It’s so easy to fall into a “travel rut”, I was even victim myself. BORN travelling (first flight was at 6 weeks old), over 26 countries in 35 years, and a passport since age 2; I became victim of work travel fatigue. My weekly travels , while to beautiful places, had me seeing little more than “plane, hotel, meeting, hotel, plane”–rinse and repeat. My wakeup call that I had to find a better way to travel came when I couldn’t remember where I was in the middle of the night, the corporate hotels all look the same inside, I lay awake trying to figure it out and finally got out my phone and opened the weather app to orient myself! Clearly I had strayed from my roots and needed to remind my self that there is LIFE BEYOND ROOM SERVICE!

I embarked on a mission to find at least one fun thing each day of my trip every week. Whether it was taking a yoga mat to the national mall in DC and doing downward dogs in front of the Lincoln Memorial, finding a killer DJ spinning my favorite old school jams at a taco place turned dance club in the middle of Florida, spending the night in a converted Judge’s Chambers (aka Le Meridien Tampa), holding a team meeting on a sail boat on the crystal blue waters of Siesta Key and watching dolphins feed, or finding a new BFF in Puerto Rico who has become so close she’s even stayed in my home, I would say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED and there is no going back. I look forward to every trip every week and am sharing my tips with you on where to go, stay, and PLAY!

Thank you for being here and PLEASE ask questions, leave comments or share your favorite stories! Travel Bayb is for ALL of us. As for why it’s spelled that way? It’s Babe with a Y- as in “Y NOT travel?” “Y wait?” and “Y not?”.